Got Your Covid-19 Vaccine? Great! You can still donate blood!
Got Your Covid-19 Vaccine? Great! You can still donate blood!

Congratulations! By getting the COVID-19 vaccine, you have protected yourself against the coronavirus AND are still able to provide lifesaving blood donations for those in need – without delay!

If you have recently received your COVID-19 vaccine, there is no waiting period to donate blood or platelets.

What if I don’t feel well?

Some people may have soreness, chills or low-grade fever after the vaccination. This is normal and is due to the immune system recognizing the vaccine. If you have symptoms, please wait until you have recovered before donating.

Should I mention I had a COVID vaccine before donating blood?

Yes, during the screening process all donors are asked about recent vaccines they received. Please have this information available when you donate.

How do I donate with SunCoast Blood Centers?

Easy! Simply schedule a donation appointment at the SunCoast Blood Centers location near you.

If I receive the COVID-19 vaccine, will that affect my antibody test results after I donate blood?

The initial antibody screening test that SunCoast Blood Centers uses is unlikely to be positive after a blood donor receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

The antibodies that are generated after a vaccine are not detected by the antibody screening test that SunCoast uses for blood donations.

Every test detects a certain part of the virus.

Your lack of a positive antibody test result means our test doesn’t detect the response to the vaccine, but it does not reflect on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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